Monday, January 24, 2011


My goals for 2011 are my loftiest ones yet. I thought if I published them, put them in writing, maybe the odds of me actually achieving them would increase. So – that’s what I’m doing tonight. I’m sorta skerred to post them. In the back of my mind is the lingering fear that I lack the motivation to complete them. Lack motivation. Lack time. Lack the drive… this post is already leading to the formation of yet another goal. So without further ado:

1. Run a half marathon. I am not a natural runner. I do not enjoy running. Years ago I tried to convince myself that I was a runner. Well, I got a little older. A little slower. And wised up. Running a half marathon is one of those bucket-list things that I just want to check off and be done with. I have yet to register for an actual race, but I have started running again. At a snail’s pace. On the treadmill (gross).

2. Complete at least one triathlon. I have only done two triathlons in my life. They were simultaneously some of the best, and worst, experiences in my life. In the moment, I hated it. Kicked in the face during the swim. Left in the dust of bad-ass bikers on what I swear were Olympic style, velodrome bikes. Passed by grannies on the run. I hated it. It sucked – the whole time. And then I finished. I loved it. It was sort of like child birth. While its happening, you would rather be anywhere else. But as soon as its over, you want to do it again.

3. Read 5 classic American Literature novels. Honestly, my original goal was to read 10. And then I started reading Wuthering Heights about three weeks ago and already lost interest. I mean, it has footnotes for God’s sakes! I am battling through it, but only because I said I would. I need to do better research before I choose the next one. Otherwise, this goal is sure to fall by the wayside. *Also reading Three Cups of Tea – and love it.

4. Family Date Night. Carpet picnics while watching “Bolt.” Building forts with blankets and enjoying a buffet of pop-corn and popsicles and pop rocks. Museums. Movies. Make-up. Moon sand. Marbles. Melissa and Doug. These are my favorite times with my little family – and I plan to make these happen more often.

5. Personal Project: Four People – Twelve Times. This is a popular project among photographers. I have seen several versions of it – one photo every day for a month, one photo every month for a year, even one photo every day for an ENTIRE year (Good Lord! Can you imagine??). I think once a month for a year is doable – even for me and my procrastinator ass. So – once a month – I will take one photo of all four of us, together. Self-timer, hand held or phone-a-friend to do it. I will post the photo and jot down some notes about our month. Not so much because I think other people are interested and would actually read about us (that actually creeps me out a little – the thought of strangers reading about us) but more because I just want to remember us. The way we were. The way we are. My grand plan is to pull those posts from my blog and have them made into a book. Since I am NOT a Scrapbooker, the thought makes me cringe, actually, this will have to do.

6. Blog more! As I said, I don’t want to blog because I think other people are interested or will read my blog, but I want to read it. A year from now. Five years from now. Thirty years from now. In the past, my posts were few and far between. Primarily I posted only photos for other people. Now its time to post photos for me. I deserve a little attention now and again too.

Six lofty goals. Doable? Time will tell.



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