Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mental pictures.

Believe it or not, there ARE times when I am without my camera.  I haven’t quite figured out a way to permanently attach it to my person…yet.  Those times when I am without it, I do my best to take mental snapshots.  You know hope you will have tangible images from the ‘big events’ in life, the milestones:  birthdays, holidays, parties, outings, vacations…. But it seems to me that the ‘little events’ in life warrant the same attention:  The discovery of a lost toy when getting in the car to go to school.  The dinner table conversation about McKenzie’s new baby sister.  The practicing of the Thundercats call to all Superheroes. The playing with Ariel and the flying dragon in the bathtub.  And my most recent mental picture:

Walking back to the car after a short visit with Dede Tomas Sunday night and Jonas, Alena & Algis walk ahead of me.  “Race ya!”  Laughter and wild, uncoordinated running ensues.  Arms and legs flailing - trying to catch up to Tete.  (The kids have not yet mastered Jonas’ Olympian Runner form.)  A cold, crisp night.  Wisps of scraggily blond hair illuminated by the orange glow of the street light.  The moment has passed, no time for the camera.  Just stop.  Observe.  Breathe every second in. And then smile to myself and think, “I can’t believe I am this lucky.”  Click.

Fall 08 049017 copy

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