Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Finding what fits.

Kid #1:  The pink jeans with the blue flowers.  Too small.  The blue jeans with the pink flowers.  Too short.  Way too short.  The purple leggings.  Too tight.  The pink and white dress.  Too cold out.  The pink stockings, blue tutu and orange striped sweater.  Perfect!

Kid #2:  The blue sweatpants.  Too short.  The khaki pants.  Too short.  The navy cargo pants.  Too short.  The brown cords.  Too short.  (Sense a theme?)  The yellow and blue striped pants with the red fire truck shirt.  Success!

Kid #3.  Husband:  The black pea coat. Too much dog hair.  The black pants and red button down.  Too UGA.  The plum pants and gray shirt.  Too liberal.  The khaki pants and blue shirt.  Too wrinkled.  The brown pants and yellow shirt.  Handsome!

Me: The gymnastics teacher to toddlers.  Too little patience.  The Wal-Mart cashier.  Too loyal to Target. The Outback Steakhouse Hostess.  Too old.  The Customer Service Representative at an International Logistics company.  Too mundane.  The insurance Underwriter.  Too not  me.  The portrait and family photographer whose spirit comes alive when looking through a lens to capture a true moment that others can hold dear. FINALLY!


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It's totally your calling girl. You have a true gift.