Monday, November 22, 2010

The Beatles, a blankie and Chuck Taylors

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I’m not sure I can adequately express my appreciation for individuality and personality – especially when it comes to family photos.  Will I take your pictures if your family shows up in matching khakis and white shirts?  Sure.  Will I be inspired to capture your child’s individual personality and goofy quirks?  Maybe.  What I’m getting at, and what I discussed with the coolest mom I have met in a while, i.e. the mother of these fabulous kids, is that I want to capture a real, living, breathing, true life snapshot of your family.  When was the last time you were all decked out in your denim and black shirts and hung out at home for family night?  Probably not too recently, eh?  Please let your kids pick out their favorite shirt or accessory (Beatles t-shirt?  Right on. Fuschia and gray hoodie?  LOVE it.  Pink tutu?  Perfect.)  You’ll be happy that you did.   

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Susie Armstrong said...

Karen-- we LOVED our morning with you-- I heard Ainslie telling Aiden to stick her hip out while I was taking her picture today- (after she rubbed a buttered bagel in her hair- because she wanted yellow hair like her pony)
From what we have seen so far Bill and I are both totally pumped to see the rest- you "got it"-- you figured out what we wanted and captured it-- so thrilled.
Aiden - the 2 year old called grandma today and told her that you had a mermaid in your camera! WHich is the perfect trick!