Thursday, December 3, 2009

My happy day.

For the past few years, my birthday has not been the celebration that it once was.  I have either been too pregnant or too sick to  party.  This year I thought the tradition of a party-less birthday would continue.  But I was mistaken.  A few days beforehand, I mentioned to the kids that my birthday was around the corner.  They picked up on the hint!  :)  They woke up singing ‘Happy Birthday’, wanted to make a cake and best of all, kept telling me that I was turning 24!  (Wonder what they are buttering me up for?)  So we baked a cake and sang many renditions of ‘HAPPY BIRFDAY MAAAAHHHH-MEEEEEEEEE’ and enjoyed OUR day.  Best birthday party I can remember in a long time.







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Prudence said...

awwwww. you are LOVED! Happy Birthday!