Monday, June 29, 2009

Party of Five

More twins! Half the time I was with these two, I was just staring.... in awe of their tiny little hands, tiny little noses, tiny little toeses. A grand combined total weight of 11 or so pounds - 11 or so pounds of perfection, I'd say. Seriously. And Mom & Dad, and Big Sister, have not skipped a beat. So far, so good - here's hoping that the "honeymoon phase" lasts and lasts and lasts!!! Here are a few from yesterday, I will send the rest real soon! (And I will be back to bring you guys some grub too!)


Kara, Micah & Regan said...

YOU ARE AWESOME- Wow!!!! Micah says you are an amazing photographer. I'm hoping to take advantage of your skills when you are here for your visit. Miss you guys!

Kellie H said...

wow more twins!!! The first photo is awesome!
Too sweet..look at those pea hats!