Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Work it.

So my sister in law is the most gorgeous person I know. And to top it off, she is just about the nicest, most sincere, kind-hearted person too....she is as beuatiful on the inside as she is on the outside. I'm trying to convince her that she IS America's Real Next Top Model. She was gracious enough to let me take a few pics of her - even though it was fffrrrreeezing outside this morning (29 degrees when we got there - brrr) ! After looking at these, I am now convinced more than ever that she should be in every fashion mag there is - now I just have to convince her!


Prudence said...

Nice work but it helps to have a haute and willing model ;)

Laura said...

Excuse me...beautiful on the inside AND out...I think we might hate her! ;) I loved looking at your favs of 2008 and really appreciated what you had to say. Glad the Hughes made the cut! Can't wait for you to come photograph little miss Z again!

Pam said...

Those are beautiful pictures, Karen! She really is beautiful. And you made her look beautiful on the inside to... she's got a smile that says she's uh... not a word person, so forgive me... nice. Whatever the right word is for really sweet and gentle on the inside. I'm glad you have your blog!