Sunday, July 20, 2008

It's so quiet around here

So this is what life is like with one? Alena is off to the beach with her Nan and Papa for a few days so I spent some QT with the little man tonight - over mashed potatoes and cheese and cucumbers. Among other things, he has been trying to master the fork for some time. After dinner we colored newspapers on the floor and had Dance Party U.S.A. right there in the living room. He's got moves! One thing no one has ever accussed Algis of is having a pokerface. I was cracking up so much, and for once wasn't playing referee at the dinner table, that I grabbed my camera to try and capture the true Algis for everyone to see..

"Use my fork? No problem!"
Step 1: Stab mashed potatoes.

Step 2: Put (empty) fork into mouth.

(use both hands if necessary)

Step 3: Enjoy (imaginary) mashed potatoes. When steps 1-3 don't work, use your fingers.

OUCH! (I didn't say eat your fingers....)


When all else fails:
And as usual, Baxter is always there to help with the crumbs.

Well deserved play time after all that hard work


Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures, Karen! Thanks for sending me the link!

Anonymous said...

I love them! He is too darn cute... I need to get Will some utensils.

Kellie said...

I love your fav is the one of your doggie drinking water!!!