Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hairy nephews.

Just becuase these nephews of mine are covered with fur from head to toe, doesn't mean they deserve any less face time than those who aren't. In fact, I have half-way decided that they might deserve more. Some people (er, Dad - love you, Dad!) discount animals straight away because they might be smelly or noisy or slobbery or rambunxious, but if I can convince just one person (Dad) that they are worth a second look -I am successful!

Marley Mar-Mar a.k.a the biggest Golden Retriever in the history of the world. He's mostly chill and puts up with my kids poking and proding him so he's cool with me....

Dixon. Sly little guy. Favors the sneak attack and has no fear when it comes to bigger and older cousins Sam, Baxter and Marley. He has a knack for chewing my kids toys, but if you wear him out well enough, he'll sleep like a champ too.

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